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Paintings that vibrate questions and longings

Art museums are places of power.  I spent plenty of hours there.  Paintings of Paul Sezanne, Amadeo Modigliani, Max Beckmann, Johannes Vermeer stir up the spirit. It alludes to an interconnected world. If a picture can have such an influence, so what of importance is communication among living creatures!

A picture of Jura Kuba Artist

Birds, cows and people, still life and life, so seriously as it is

It happened that I was standing in a museum in front of a painting and thinking to myself, what if I would paint. Everyone could take one's skills to a new level by practicing. But is there a continuous interest and commitment to do it and do I really need it? I answered this to myself later when I figured out my themes which touch me: birds, cows and people, still life and life... so almost everything. Moreover, until that time I already made my ''bucket lists: a catalogue of all the things I never ever want to do before I die", according to Bert, the cartoon character of Michael Leunig. So I paint.

Joining the dots

Born and raised in Lithuania, I used to study in Vilnius. Recently, I live in Mainz, Germany and I am a self-educated painter. I always liked sketching, drawing and painting with water colors, I also attended silk painting classes. The camera was also my companion to memorise the picturesque moments. Quite long period I was playing with colors, textures and shapes in clothes design and sewing. I also designed pictures for marketing purposes. Then followed my closer interest in cartoons and illustrations. Back to my studies, while studying Economics at Vilnius University, I read dozens of biographical books about painters and sculptors. They all were poor, all obsessed with their artistic calling. I was infected. Probably even earlier. Yet for years I worked as an export and outsourcing manager, later on in a public service in the Ministry of Economy, then I started my own business of functional clothes. Either having enough or not so much time and energy for painting,  I  could never miss an opportunity to go to an art gallery or exhibition. It happened that during my German period I rediscovered the benefits of oil paints and connected it with the gaze of cows, sparrows and people.  Since then painting has turned into my daily delightful occupation. I hope you will enjoy my cows and other characters.


Yours truly,

Jura Kuba

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